Bat City Review

Yahoo News

…Do Touch-Tank
Stingrays Enjoy a Pat
On the Back?…


On Watching my Friend Chase her Son across the Yard by the Pool

…The whole planet exists
right here and it is Very American…


Two Poems

…I see now these ghosts all around us
They’re making a sewing motion with their hands
I feel the slick weight of my heart’s absence…

The Tusculum Review

Letter Sent While Drunk

…Split me like a sausage casing
then lap up my guts.
It will be good enough…

Barely South Review

All Caves Speak

…Only the hermit knows
how an apartment moves
across the day…


An Iranian Rat Prepares for Space Flight

…I have no name unless I make
it back alive in which case
my name will be Kavoshgar…

Gritty Silk

The Rules

…You might need to focus
your wit and words into a sharp
stick to wave around…

The Sonora Review

Lessons and Letters from the US Sanitation Commission

…you are the endless ghost
of Floyd G. Paxton, king of all smiles…

Gargoyle Magazine

Swimming the Forth of Firth

…I am any given Melville character
in any given Melville novel…

Barely South Review

Out Melancholy Fates

…In school, I learned Meriwether.
Not the man,
but the branch of the government…

Washington Square Review

An Iranian Rat Explains Blast Off

…Fear is the brain moving up
and the body moving down
and a shadow in the middle…


the grand programme of Providence

…ten thousand monarchs crashed
today in a research
transport plane…



…like a quick slide into
the prickling knowledge
I will die…